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Fraud & Risk

What is it? - Landmark Quest™ is the UK’s leading provider of fraud detection and prevention solutions to the lending industry. Our proven analytical fraud solutions recently won the MFG Award for Best Anti-Fraud Measure.

Our environmental risk solution Envirocheck® provides professionals with the UK’s most comprehensive environmental site assessment reports.

Is it right for me? - We offer more alerts than any other provider, such as covert buy-to-let & sub-letting. Our Early Warning System™ quickly identifies forms of property stress for better decision making and reduced risk - available in both Q-Guard™ Risk for Lenders or as a portfolio option.

To find out how Quest™ can provide specific fraud & risk solutions call Quest™ direct on 0330 0366 110 or email Quest™ at sales@questuk.com.

For Tenancy Fraud & Misuse contact us on: 0330 036 6275 or email analytics@landmark.co.uk.

For Environmental Risk Assessment Solutions call 0844 844 9952 or email customerservice@envirocheck.co.uk.


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