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Property Developers
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We have developed a range of solutions to assist property developers – our wealth of comparable market evidence will inform development & marketing strategy on demand via one simple platform.

Our AVM will provide you within seconds, an accurate valuation report – ideal for part-exchange evidence & market appraisal research.

  • Market beating accuracy - we consistently outperform all our competitors in mortgage lender led testing - approved by leading ratings agencies, Fitch Ratings™ and Standard & Poor’s™
  • Wealth of data - we draw upon data from a wide variety of sources, including: 20 million sold price records, 18 million estate agency listings records, over 2 million surveyor records and 3 million floor plans – removing the need to search other property websites
  • No lengthy reports or minimum order on a site by site basis - just a wealth of property intelligence waiting for you when you need it, at a fraction of the cost!

Customise and create bespoke valuation reports for lender, stakeholder & investor confidence.

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