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IFAs, Property Investors and Fund Managers
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Inform your investment decisions with the UK’s most accurate residential property data.

We have developed a range of solutions to assist IFAs, Property Investors and Fund Managers including our online Residential Property Intelligence wizard, sales and rental comparable wizard, AVM & Portfolio service.

Our powerful AVM will provide a comprehensive residential valuation & market intelligence report - instant equity indicator & confidence rating, online and delivered to you by .pdf.

Residential Property Fund Manager? Let us deliver you an portfolio valuation including optional fraud & environmental risks warning such as flood, fracking, highways & HS2.

  • Market beating accuracy – we consistently outperform all our competitors in mortgage lender led testing
  • Lender valuation transparency – accurate equity & confidence rating
  • Transparent confidence levels – our confidence levels are explicitly linked to forecast standard deviation – the most widely used predictor of usability of AVM results worldwide
  • Approved – by leading ratings agencies, Fitch Ratings™ and Standard & Poor’s™

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