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Housing Providers
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Instant & accurate asset capital value intelligence to inform financial risk and create a confident picture on liquidity, gearing and inflation & interest cover.

Straight forward analysis for appropriate tenure, sales and market, target and affordable rent setting .

  • Asset transparency & addressing solutions
    We provide a quick and easy address verification & data cleansing service so you are confident in your business intelligence.
    We can display HMLR ownership, title & deed evidence on a simple map or in a format ready to populate your systems.
  • Inform decision making with robust intelligence for development, investment & the most effective and appropriate use of assets.
  • Your business intelligence digitally mapped:
    The power of mapping your business and asset intelligence on a GIS platform is immeasurable but requires considerable investment, time and specialist resource, before your organisation invests in a full GIS system call us on +44 (0) 207 538 8888 or email analytics@landmark.co.uk to discuss how Housing Providers are utilising our cloud-based GI solution to visualise their assets performance, measure investment & improvement, and create immediate operational and business efficiencies.

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